Thursday, June 7, 2007

and they call it mellow yellow...

i am really feeling yellow right now. i purchased a yellow bathing suit for my daughter. she wore yellow in her recital; and i am knitting a yellow tank for her. the making memories funky vintage line has some yellow "infused" into it. i totally loved it. i used a sheet of it (6x6) for this layout.

yellow is the kinda of color you don't particulary like all the time. but in the right shade, it can rock your world. like bazzill in pumpkin seed, criss cross texture does. its the best yellow they have put out in my book. my go to yellow. its warm, and not too bright.

and while i am sitting here with my swatch box, here are some other yellows, from bazzill you might like:


take care!


Toya said...

NICE, thanks for the bazzill info too, its been a well since I looked at my swatch books

Greta said...

very nice....and ditto toya on the bazzill info

Lisa D. said...

I saw the "birdie" and I knew it was the layout!

Muriel said...

now isn't that the cutest photo...

elizabeth said...

oh this is fab-boo! i love the lil birdie on there :)