Thursday, May 31, 2007

New COLOR!!!!

So how have you guys enjoyed RED? I know I had a lot of fun with it, but you KNOW it's time to move on! Sometime on tomorrow, the colors will change. I won't tell what it will be, but I'm sure you guys will have a lot of fun with it. So get ready! Tomorrow starts a WHOLE NEW THING!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Taking RED to a whole new level!

Loveing RED so much right now I decided to put it in my hair!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Color combo: BRY

Black, red, yellow



it is what it is.............................HOT!

and so the wheels in my head is spinning again.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

And she scraps!

This has been a good crafty weekend for me, and the best part? Its NOT over! OK, so here is my "Red" LO! I was going to go in a different direction, but Jaelyn changed my mind. She wanted to know how to use eyelets, so she got a lesson! LOL. MY scanner has died....this is probably a good time to get the 12x12 one I've been lusting after lol.

CS: Bazzill Kraft
PP: Basic Grey
MM Textured tape
MM eyelets
Digital brushes from Designer Digitals
Fonts: Suzie's Hand and Journaling Hand

Oh, and I've been scrapping like crazy!!!!

Journaling reads: I had so much fun working on this LO. Jaelyn was scrapping with me and she was going through all my old stuff and pulled out eyelets. WOW. How long has it been since I used thouse? Seeing as how I have three zillion of them, it kinda wouldn't hurt to use a few on this! I didn't realize until this scrapalong started just how much red stuff I have. I mean, I know I like the color, but dang? From my crumpler camera bags, to my GAP RED bag, my suitcase, another red bag I carry and my dress form. I guess red is HOT! I know I like it. Can ya tell?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Organizing your ideas: What is your stategy?

I came across this photo and I thought, this is well be a great question for the group.

Seeing that we already know that inspiration is everywhere, how do you organize all your ideas from the things you see in magazines, blogs, scrapbook idea books to use them later?
with all the money we spend on magazines and idea books to give us inspiration, how do you store and use the info you get out of them?
Post in the comment box you ideas
happy tgif

THIS layout took almost a whole week.

I started it while running my mouth at my monthly crop. i got quite a bit done there, but left my HS letters (the circles) home.
so when i got home, i cut the circles. then all through the week, i painted and altered the cirlcles.
staying in the theme of teal and red. i found some papers that i really love from my stash. all i could think about is red and how i can pull them together.
well here is the finished product. and i even used some of the MM clear photo corners i talked about in my review, as a finishing touch. i just got them yesterday!
take care

Thursday, May 24, 2007

getting funky...

So i go into michael's today to see what all the fuss is about. you see the m's in my area got that martha stuff out real quick and slacked on the rest. it took them forever to put everything out. so i deserted them for about 3 weeks and popped in there today.

so glad i did... i saw so many new goodies! i am not even going to metion the fact that you can get some heidi swapp there now...

whoops, i just did.

anyhoo... there they were, in the paper aisle... 6x6 making memories embellishment paper pads. i love those things. and with being a 8.5 x 11 scrapbooker, those things rock my world! i was shocked to see they had even had them in the new funky vintage collection. i was so dern excited to see them. i love it.

i picked up the "ruby" stack, as featured in the photo above. the collection features the trendy prints that we scrapbookers know and love. the floral, the dots, the brocade, and the stripes. but this time, making memories gives it to us in a color pallette that does shine and stand out, especially for a line released in late spring, early, summer. at a time when you are thinking bright colors, MM goes and gets all jeweled tones on us. with teal, chocolate brown, a deep berry, and chartreuse. i think these colors are very sophisticated and i can't wait to get creative with them.
m's also managed to carry a few of the matching embellishments to the line. so i grabbed a pack of "self adhesive" clear tags and shapes. there are 46 of these in one pack, which i think is a good value for 3.99. in this pack, the funky vintage colors grace clear tags, frames, brackets, and photo corners. the verdict is still out on if "self adhesive" really means that. but i have never know MM to be wrong. how about you?
okay, to wrap this up. you can read this press release for more info on how MM was inspired to do the line. its kinda interesting. when i read the link to add it, i noticed they actually used the color charteuse. i took a wild guess when i wrote this post up today.
okay, here are a few more photos of embellishements, that i will be looking for at another time. you can bet on it! they also have a paint collection AND these yummy clear letters
i like all of the past MM lines, with vintage hip being a recent fav. but with the release of this new line. i may have to change my mind about that.

The color of flowers

The mojo is flowing - thanks inspirational wednesday!

I bought these at Trader Joe's

Which then inspired the LO above.

I finally got a chance to use the Q&co felt ribbon and the PP is Stemma - I am so feeling them right now....

Don't you just love Gerber daisies!!!

We R Memory Makers, Raw Goods, and my 2 cents!

Hey you all.. since working with our Local Scrapbook Store I have been busy doing a lot of paper stuff!! I can't wait to finish my clipboard too!!

This is the second time I've used these Raw Goods by We R Memory Makers Raw Goods.. I even used their new line of paper, Precious Metal Line. And some of their new rub ons too.

Here's a few from the 4x6 album I used:I also finished a 3x3 album, which was fun and easy too:
And so what did I think of We R Memory Maker's new line of Raw Goods and Paper line?
Well (Adrienne) it ain't no Maya Road, that's for sure.. but it was nice and sturdy.. I did LOVE LOVE the fact that even the 3x3's had page protectors! LOVE THAT! I don't mind doing the modge podge.. but I always get a bit nervous when applying that stuff... But with page protectors I know they will stay safe! The 4x6 album.. very nice.. I do like that it is a little bigger! I am a big journaler here, so I need some room to write my stuff. I have to say.. I did NOT like the fact that they say 4x6 size.. and the pages are a bit bigger than that.. So it was hard to cut your 12x12 paper evenly and cut them out into 6 even shapes.. you'd have left over scrap.

But I did like the fact it was double sided. The deigns are gorgeous! The rub ons... are beautiful, they stuck with the metal theme.. so you got a silver trimmed one, gold, or brass... My only complaint on the rub ons (Cause I'm a big Rub-On) fan.. is they were hard to rub on. And working with something shimmery like silver or gold.. you can see where it did not quite stick well. Not the best rub ons, I guess once you've rubbed with American Crafts, you get a bit spoiled!

But overall, I love chipboard.. Naked ones is a must.. And this new line, I predict will do well! Give it a try!!! My next project, is some BE chipboard, I have the Princess Castle and some Making Memories Glitter, can you imagine the possibilities!!


After seeing the post by Adrienne, it reminded me that I had this 3x3 album from Bare Elements. the pictures are from last year when we went to Arizona. Thanks Adrienne for the inspiration and reminder!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Inspirational wednesday WOO HOO

No internet,,, but the show must go on, I won't tell you how I managed to upload this photo, I will take it to my grave, lol
anyway here is my first RED layout I got done last weekend.

and more to follow, I have been scrapping like a Mad woman, lol

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

acrylic album

I came across D. reeves after reading Ali's newsletter.
She manufactures acrylic albums take a look and
tell me what you think.
I love anything you can alter


Hot and fresh from my camera phone, I bring you these albums....

Have any of you worked with these? I found THESE products and THESE and yet more . I'd not seen this until today. What do you think? I think I'd rather have Maya I walk with my nose in the air...... LOL

hmm,, very interesting

Hey everyone,

So what's new?

This is the type of embellishment that can work seamless with a simple layout giving it that special touch or worked into your doodling as the "Flower bud"

Another interesting product, Clear creations by Making memories, do anyone know if Micheals have these?I really do love all things Making memories.

Or what about this,

Digital designs for Scrapbooking 2

In Digital Designs for Scrapbooking 2, best-selling author, designer, and instructor Renee Pearson shows step-by-step how deceptively simple it is to create stunning digital design elements like backgrounds, tags, brads, frames—even digital chipboard! This sequel to her wildly popular first book, Digital Designs for Scrapbooking, takes you beyond the basics of digital layout design. Each time you finish the easy-to-follow steps in one of the books ten lessons, you’ll have created dazzling digital elements you can use right away in your scrapbooking projects.Learn how to create:• Custom backgrounds using patterns, type, the distressed look, and more• Embellishments such as brads, tags, bookplates, and chipboard letters and shapes• Stamps, frames, and edge effects, using digital tools like brushes and masks And don’t miss these bonus features:• "Remind Me!" – A handy quick reference to the book’s major tasks. Can’t remember how to define a pattern? Flip to "Remind Me!" Forgot how to make a drop shadow? "Remind Me!" The basic steps are outlined for you again here, so you can review them in a flash.• The Gallery – Five top digital designers take Renee’s techniques and turn them into their own exciting works of art. See what they did, then create your own!• The CD – The book’s companion CD is chock-full of backgrounds, elements, templates and more – all designed by Renee – to spark your creativity as you design your own unique, beautiful, and personal scrapbook layouts.Spiral-bound, softcover with a translucent plastic protective wrap-around, 148 pages.

Have you seen this in person?

Scrapbook Dimensions April/May 2007

Its a magazine for hybrid scrapbookers.

If you have seen or used any of these thing, let us know!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey Ya'll

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am greta and I am from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I am {gasp} turning 30 in less than a month, married with 2 kiddos. I am a MAC cosmetics fanatic, scrapaholic, shopaholic, i am also a shoe and purse fanatic among other things but for now we won't go there. Looking forward to this journey with ya'll (that is southern for you learning alot about inspiration. I know that sounds funny but you see I really don't know alot about myself so therefore i am hoping this opens up a whole new chapter for me and I find out ALOT about myself and others.

Peace, Love and Fashion! ROck on!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Think "RED"


"RED" is one of my favorite colors, but I usually use it
for accent when I scrap.. Tried to make it the main color here. Glad I could share as I "scrapalong"
Bopashe (Barbara)

Friday, May 18, 2007

I Finally made it

It took a few tries but I'm here. I've been listening to Toya and Adrienne since the first pod cast I think. I found Toya on Pattern Review. I'm really looking forward to the blog. I haves searched for scrapbooking blogs on the web but haven't found any that were a community like many of the knitalongs are.
I have been scrapping on and off for 13 years. It's been a about a year and a 1/2 since I did any "real" layouts so I'm hoping this blog will get me going again.

A big Hello

Hello to everyone from the other side of the pond. You'll probably notice that i post at odd hours of the day and always a little behind you guys so i hope that will be alright with everyone. Now I know I'm a little late as well but better late than never i guess.

I have been scrapping for about a year and a half now and have been blogging for about eight months. I have been stalkers of Toya and Adrienne for a while now and just wanted to say what a great idea this is - Thanks Ladies and everyone else involved.
I also just want to share a layout that i did last weekend.

I love the post below as well. I have never been very good with the whole colour wheel thing so this is going to be great for me to learn. After i had read the post i had a look at my layout to post on here and i realised that i had both the blue and the green in the layout. Just thought that was pretty cool.

RBG: Red is a team player or not?

So,, you may be asking yourself, "hmmm, why I'm I going so crazy for this whole RED theme".

Well, Red happens to be the flashy attention seeker in the all star group called RBG.

yeah, you heard of them before, they are your Primary colors,, eh hem,, Additive primary colors if you want to geek out like that.
Co starring is the congenial Miss Green and the coolest kid on the block, Mr Blue
When Red is with Green, its a family affair, lots of holidays and gift giving, more like a couple, you know.

But when Red is with Blue, that is a whole different story.. its all about being Masculine, patriotic, hard core,,, can you tell they are best friends and complement each other to a T.

But they hang out sometimes, Green getting slightly irritated by Blue because they are so close on the color wheel, (can a girl get some attention) and Red loving that they both make him look good.
Advertisers know the Relationships of Red very well and they use it to stimulate their costumers, it is so well ingrained subconsciously in our minds that we respond to it without really knowing it.
You can use this to your advantage in your scrapping just remember
Red + Green = Nurturing, family related, holiday, etc
Red + Blue = Masculine, strong, Pride, Good friendships, honesty, dedication etc

Photography Trivia

A red filter used in black and white photography increases contrast in most scenes. For example, combined with a polarizer, it can turn the sky black. Films simulating the effects of infrared film (such as Ilford's SFX 200) do so by being much more sensitive to red than to other colors.

Happy Scrapping!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Organization: Using Labels for your post

Our blog has labels that need to be inserted with each post, you can find them at the bottom of the post template, Click Show all and choose the one that applies to your post.

Keynotes: Admin stuff, this is where I post what is going on with the blog, that is, new color study info, changes to the blog, new themes, welcoming new contributers, anything “just blog related”.

Meet the Contributors: If you are new to the blog, please take a couple of minutes to write a short bio of yourself.

Color me Red: All layouts using the color red

Red Color Study: If you have information on how to use Red or just facts about red, it goes here

Inspiration: All photos, ads, fashion, etc goes here

Think Nautical: Layouts using the Nautical theme

Please use them, it will make it much easier for us and lurkers to find specific post.

thank you


My red and teal layout. I absolutely adore this color combo. So fun. Can be winter or summer.

This layout was inspired by the CoCo Chanel quote on the layout under the pic.
I hope to instill in her what my mother "tried" to instill in

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Layout designed for Noel Mignon.

and since we are on fashion and i saw some MAC lipstick. I thought I would share a few more

This is a card I made for a blogger friend who loves vintage.
This is the patteren of freindship stamp set (retired Stampin' Up!)and all i did was stamp the image on the card then i stamped the image again on patterened paper and cut the dress out and adhered it to the card. So cute and so easy.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This next layout is a mod podge of pure's funky but so not me. i think I went a little to far outside my box but it was fun none the less to just slap some paint around adhere some photos, emboss some stuff and just make a pure mess!

My love of MAC makeup will come through in this layout: make sure you search for the pics that is MY ver own personal collection of just the eyeshadows. We will not go there on the rest!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Red is EVERYWHERE you look!!!! All these items came from ANNTAYLOR.COM and no I didn't order anything......YET! LOL

Recipes for a Happy Life

Hey just wanted to share a project that I started.

I altered a recipe box and am filling it with cards(recipes)
that my mom can take out for a little pick me up when she's missing the boys.
On the back
1 favorite cookie recipe
2 grand kids
1/2 cup patience
5 cups love
1 big mess
1 Nana who wouldn't have it any other way.

red and teal

can be found in the crate paper carnival collection. i love the texture of crate paper. alomost bazzill like.

here is a layout:


Red And Teal (Ronalyn)

I don't know about you, but I am seeing RED in almost everything! Even my cell phone is and the latest blouses I've bought are all RED! I just LOVE this picture (even though I'm cropped off), I LOVE how she is staring up at me like she always does as if I am the center of her universe.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So everywhere I go, I see RED. RED everywhere jumping out at me. So this is my tribute to RED. I had some fun with my RED scraps, some RED paint, and my son on his friend's RED tricycle. My name is Kim. And I love RED!