Monday, July 9, 2007

Get your Camera and Go

First, if you haven't seen Adrienne's and Ronalyn's layouts below, you need to check those out, just awesome

Okay back to my post

Today is July 09, 2007 at now we are well into the first month of the second part of the year, my question is, Where are you now?

When is the last time you did a layout that just displayed you life right now?

No elaborate photos, no crazy design, just a checkin sheet on you,, NOW.

Are you happy, are things going okay, are things not working out, what's going on with you.

Well, I'm working on mine right now, self portrait and all, why?

because it begins with me, every scrapbook, every note, every post and then everyone else.

Next topic,, PHOTOS, I hope you guys have been taking some beautiful photos since the summer has began, I just went around my apartment getting some ones with some green it, working on my angles, yada, yada, yada, lol

and tomorrow I will check in with the progress of my layout, maybe some journalling, you never know


Adrienne said...

HA! So on point!I just took pics of my new pillows and pillow cases and some towels for a LO because that is what is making me happy RIGHT NOW!!!!

Ronalyn "foReveR" said...

Oooh love the journaling about Right Now.. I just posted.. a Right Now entry a few days ago.. I was in that state of mind too.. What I did was just stop whatever it is that you are doing.. and write down.. RIGHT NOW.. fill that in with thoughts, things that are happening at that very moment.. and since you mentioned it I will scrap it too!!! Awesome stuff girl!! Alright.. Right now.. here I come!!!

Greta said...

ok so i have to start thinking on this one and collecting my thoughts for my green layout