Tuesday, July 3, 2007

KeyNote: Project GO to Extreme Limits

Is it July as yet?


Okay, how is your summer heating up,, do you have lots of photos already?

Because I do, just Sunday I took 41 shots watching my dsd and dh play softball and everyone one is a keeper, I'm feeling ambitious and I want to scrap all of them.

so my goal is to push my creativity to the limit and do some multiphoto layouts, simple, clean and meaningful

is anyone game?

and because I'm loving my summertime outdoor photos, we are going GREEN, because........well, just cause, lol

Lets have fun, go search your hard drive, pull out those photos, reach for some green cardstock or pattern paper with a little green in it, I want to see some embellishments, fun journalling, some funky titles and lots of happy faces.

and I will post a prize,,, yes,, because I'm feeling a little generous,, more details to follow

Let's GO


Adrienne said...

WOO HOO! Im game! I went to a scrapbook store today and got something "GREEN"!!!!!!!!

Greta said...

wow i have lots of green and looking for lots of photos i would like to muti photo scrap too....that is way out my norm...will be a fun challenge