Monday, May 14, 2007

Color Me RED.

A little bit of RED goes a long way.

RED can be (if you let it) be tricky to add on a page layout. But just adding a splash of RED might do the trick. Remember RED speaks volumes. I love the the grey/white/RED color scheme. I've used and abused that color combo. Much like Ms. Adrienne's Photography Website, she chose those very colors to promote her site. And when you put those colors together, you emit, confidence, simplicity at it's finest, and it says I will communicate my thoughts and ideas with you. It clearly draws your attention.

So, food for thought, try adding a splash of RED to your layouts. Remember there are 101 ways to use RED in your color schemes. You can take the:

Monochromatic Approach: where one hue is used in various values and intensities.

Analogous Approach
: where 2-4 colors adjacent on the color wheel are used to create your color scheme.

Complimentary Approach
: These are 2 hues directly opposite on the color wheel.

Triadic Approach
: A color triad consists of 3 colors equally spaced on the color wheel.

***Remember to share your layouts here and label them Color Me Red.***

I will share an example of each in the days to come. For now, coffee time!! Enjoy your day!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Fantastic RONalyn!!!! OMG! I love it! Dang, I wish I was home so I could scrap!!!!!!

Toya said...

I will be scrapping very soon, you have me so pumped girl

scrapandthecity said...

wow! that's all i can say. and that's saying alot, really!