Thursday, May 24, 2007

We R Memory Makers, Raw Goods, and my 2 cents!

Hey you all.. since working with our Local Scrapbook Store I have been busy doing a lot of paper stuff!! I can't wait to finish my clipboard too!!

This is the second time I've used these Raw Goods by We R Memory Makers Raw Goods.. I even used their new line of paper, Precious Metal Line. And some of their new rub ons too.

Here's a few from the 4x6 album I used:I also finished a 3x3 album, which was fun and easy too:
And so what did I think of We R Memory Maker's new line of Raw Goods and Paper line?
Well (Adrienne) it ain't no Maya Road, that's for sure.. but it was nice and sturdy.. I did LOVE LOVE the fact that even the 3x3's had page protectors! LOVE THAT! I don't mind doing the modge podge.. but I always get a bit nervous when applying that stuff... But with page protectors I know they will stay safe! The 4x6 album.. very nice.. I do like that it is a little bigger! I am a big journaler here, so I need some room to write my stuff. I have to say.. I did NOT like the fact that they say 4x6 size.. and the pages are a bit bigger than that.. So it was hard to cut your 12x12 paper evenly and cut them out into 6 even shapes.. you'd have left over scrap.

But I did like the fact it was double sided. The deigns are gorgeous! The rub ons... are beautiful, they stuck with the metal theme.. so you got a silver trimmed one, gold, or brass... My only complaint on the rub ons (Cause I'm a big Rub-On) fan.. is they were hard to rub on. And working with something shimmery like silver or gold.. you can see where it did not quite stick well. Not the best rub ons, I guess once you've rubbed with American Crafts, you get a bit spoiled!

But overall, I love chipboard.. Naked ones is a must.. And this new line, I predict will do well! Give it a try!!! My next project, is some BE chipboard, I have the Princess Castle and some Making Memories Glitter, can you imagine the possibilities!!


Toya said...

great review Ronalyn?
I wouldn't have looked at that album twice but know that I see what you did,, hmm, well, I must play along right?
its only fair

Adrienne said...

Great review....even if its NOT Maya Road! LOL ;-)

allsmiles said...

I love what you did with the album. Don't you just love mini-albums! And that paper. My goodness Orange makes me so happy..
I better check my stash before heading to the LSS - to make sure I don't already have this paper.
MM Glitter - oh baby have you every used a glue pin to make an outline. Learn that one on Martha

scrapandthecity said...

very good review. i like the mini size! i love the colors and your design!

go ronalyn!

Loreluca said...

thanks for the heads up! I LOVED the paper! And your designs are so cute!

Rachelle said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

nice one, i just added a lot of different emo backgrounds 2 my blog