Saturday, May 12, 2007

Meet the contributors

I am up so late, and my craft room smells of freshly pressed hair. About an hour ago, I finished pressing, curling and styling my daughter's hair. I was jamming to the beat of the house music mixes on the radio, in a total grove; but whew! what such hard work. I was on my feet, and she had to turn her head to where I needed to curl it goodness knows how many times! Needless to say, it was uncomfortable for the both of us. but for us, that's how its done.

After setting her hair in pin curls, dabbing a little pomade on her "edges", and wrapping a scarf around her hair tight. We exchanged good night kisses and she hurried off to bed; to be tucked in when the sleep timer on the TV expires.

As I finally get to sit back and relax, I look back to our night. During the hair preparing process, which can be a bit much, I explained to her, "all little girls have to sit and get something done to their hair. I know sometimes, it can be a little rough, but we all go through it." I continued, "Not long ago I was in the chair too... I wanted to get down to finish playing with Barbie, as she needed her hair done too."

"...Shoot," I continued, "I know the feeling of relief when you're in the chair, or sitting on the bed, and I say that wonderful phrase "all done!" And then, your next stop is the mirror, you try to find it quick, to check it all out, cause you know you super cute now.

After I explained this. I got the best smile from her, cause she knew it was all true...

And why am I telling this to you out there in blogland, you ask...

Because I am a scrapbooker and to me, this is what scrapbooking is all about. Telling stories to connect my past, with my daughter's present... so we both can hold on to these elements for the future... I like to create these pretty pages, which I like to call my own media. I am the author, photographer, editor, proofreader, and publisher of my own ongoing volumes of life in print... its what we call scrapbooking. my family and friends are the contributors providing the stuff I want to record.

Journaling is very important to me. That comes first. I love telling a story, I love to write. Photos are a close, close second. If I can't give it to you visually through words, then they are there, with stories of their own, right. And embellishments are, well they just come along with the territiory, a mighty big territory, if you ask my closets and bookshelves.

I wonder if I would have ever did this, made these connections, if I haven't found scrapbooking the way it is today. probaly not to this extent. So lets just say I am glad I did :)...

I am happy to be a contributor here with everyone else that stops by and signs up. I have something in mind with the color red, that involves a bridesmaid's dress and some extra money for alterations... so stay tuned, I'll be more than happy to share. I also have a few things bubbling in my brain regarding the nautical elements that will be intersting to adapt to scrapbooking layouts. I think I am going to love it. I also cannot wait to here from my fellow contributors.

If you want to here more of my antics and adventures in scrapbooking (and other things craft related). You can find me at my regular blog, I would like for you to stop by.

oh and my pen name for the blog is scrapandthecity. I feel like when I blog I am at my computer like carrie bradshaw was at hers when writing her column on the show, sex and the city; but instead of her subject matter, I analyze, report and contruibute to the woes and triumphs of scrapbooking. And I am from the city.




Ronalyn "foReveR" said...

Hey hey Stephanie! That was awesome! Oh girl I bookmarked your blog for sure! I LOVE the way you write.. and yes it is so Carrie from Sex and the City..
I'm so glad you are on board.. I hope to get to know you better as well!
I always think friendships are created from a common bond first.. and that common bond here is quite simple.. the simple way we express our lives! We are all documenters/photographers/and editors in chief! The stories we carry and share with our loved ones and everyone else help make our mark on this so called life of ours.. it is our very existence that matters and to simply let people know "So-so waz here" (remember writing that down as a kid?)
It seems like you are a woman of many words.. and I LIKE!! :) Girl we could probably blab all day!

Have a great day!


scrapandthecity said...

hi ronalyn! thanks for the sweet comments! anyone that knows me knows i have the gift of gab, and writing .. lol!

I think alot of cool things will come out of this board. so excited!