Friday, May 18, 2007

RBG: Red is a team player or not?

So,, you may be asking yourself, "hmmm, why I'm I going so crazy for this whole RED theme".

Well, Red happens to be the flashy attention seeker in the all star group called RBG.

yeah, you heard of them before, they are your Primary colors,, eh hem,, Additive primary colors if you want to geek out like that.
Co starring is the congenial Miss Green and the coolest kid on the block, Mr Blue
When Red is with Green, its a family affair, lots of holidays and gift giving, more like a couple, you know.

But when Red is with Blue, that is a whole different story.. its all about being Masculine, patriotic, hard core,,, can you tell they are best friends and complement each other to a T.

But they hang out sometimes, Green getting slightly irritated by Blue because they are so close on the color wheel, (can a girl get some attention) and Red loving that they both make him look good.
Advertisers know the Relationships of Red very well and they use it to stimulate their costumers, it is so well ingrained subconsciously in our minds that we respond to it without really knowing it.
You can use this to your advantage in your scrapping just remember
Red + Green = Nurturing, family related, holiday, etc
Red + Blue = Masculine, strong, Pride, Good friendships, honesty, dedication etc

Photography Trivia

A red filter used in black and white photography increases contrast in most scenes. For example, combined with a polarizer, it can turn the sky black. Films simulating the effects of infrared film (such as Ilford's SFX 200) do so by being much more sensitive to red than to other colors.

Happy Scrapping!!!