Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Think Nautical"

First off, I want to thank everyone that took the time to post and contribute towards the blog so far, gosh, it means a lot when you have a vision and you see so many people support the cause with a passion that matches your own.

On to business, Our theme is "think Nautical" on the design side of this blog we will be exploring ways to add this trend in our layouts. This theme will last from now until the first weekend of July.

Periodically I will post more ideas, to help you "think" and see how you can take this and make it your own. Nautical is not just blue, red and white.

It's nature of sea, sand and sky can invoke memories that you have not YET captured in your albums.

Memory Triggers

  1. Do you love the beach?

  2. Are you a passionate swimmer?

  3. Have you ever dreamt about living by the ocean?

  4. Have you ever been or dreamt about taking a cruise?

  5. Do you love white sands, or just walking on the beach with your spouse or children?

  6. Do you have any memories of childhood beach trips that you've never scrapped?

  7. Have you ever been on an intimate dinner cruise with your spouse?

  8. Have you ever been on a boat for a party, wedding, or any other celebration?

  9. Are you a natural born traveller and "vocate" every chance you get

  10. Do you love to stargaze, do you love astronomy or if you love it as a child.

  11. Do you collect star jewelry or is their someone in your family that love stars and collects them.

  12. Are you a closet Pirate fan?

  13. Did you love the Pirates of the Caribbean, does you child/children love it?

  14. Have one of you kids or family member ever trick or treat in a pirate costume?

  15. Are you military affliated?

  16. Have you served in the military or had someone passed during the war?
I could go on and on, but more later

Tomorrow is Inspirational Wednesday, you know how we do, I look forward to seeing one thing that inspired everyone this week.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

OMG, are those CUPCAKES!?!?!? Great post!

Ronalyn "foReveR" said...

Cupcakes, for real? Yum!

Nautical.. girl I grew up along side the beach! Can't say I've ever been to the Caribbeans, but I know I will ONE day! Awesome ideas girl!