Thursday, May 17, 2007


My red and teal layout. I absolutely adore this color combo. So fun. Can be winter or summer.

This layout was inspired by the CoCo Chanel quote on the layout under the pic.
I hope to instill in her what my mother "tried" to instill in

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Layout designed for Noel Mignon.

and since we are on fashion and i saw some MAC lipstick. I thought I would share a few more

This is a card I made for a blogger friend who loves vintage.
This is the patteren of freindship stamp set (retired Stampin' Up!)and all i did was stamp the image on the card then i stamped the image again on patterened paper and cut the dress out and adhered it to the card. So cute and so easy.
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This next layout is a mod podge of pure's funky but so not me. i think I went a little to far outside my box but it was fun none the less to just slap some paint around adhere some photos, emboss some stuff and just make a pure mess!

My love of MAC makeup will come through in this layout: make sure you search for the pics that is MY ver own personal collection of just the eyeshadows. We will not go there on the rest!
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Toya said...

wow, greta, did you find time to sleep, you have been busy, where to do I begin, I love MAC, the only "junk" I will put on my face, I love how colorful this layout is, I love the first layout of course, blue, white, red, always a favorite of mines, and I love that stamp on that card, OMG, love it

Ronalyn "foReveR" said...

OW WOW!! HOW FUN!! I do love teal and red.. yes I agree winter/summer color combo!!

oh girl.. MAC.. I thought I had A Lot, looks like I'm not the only Mac-a-holic!! I use all things MAC.. yey..(insert girly shriek!!)

Thanks for sharing!!!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

OMG!!!! Girl wow! Love the LO!! That is a LOT of MAC!

Greta said...

{blushing} told ya i had a lot and that is JUST SHADOW...{insert big huge grin}

scrapandthecity said...

very colorful! and i am a lover of all things MAC

scrapandthecity said...

okay wait, what stampin-up book did this come out of??? cause i have been checking them out for a few years now and never saw this one!