Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Adrienne and I are going to start a new blog, its focus is going to be on Scrapbooking and all things related.
1. It will be called the Inspirational Wednesday Scrapalong, so this will give you an idea of what type of things we are trying to get together.

2. It will be a community based blog, on blogger, so that everyone can have assess to upload their individual post anytime you feel like. Blogger is free, that is why we chose to go that route, as I said on my last post, you can create a blog, just so you can post.

3. We intend to post layouts for discussion, either from a magazine, an idea book, or any other source, so that everyone can talk about what design aspect they like about it and how they would redesign it, it will NOT be a challenge, I don't like the whole challenge thing because it can be stressful trying to keep up. If you chose to redesign it in order to share with the community of bloggers it will be much appreciate it.

4. We would like members to post reviews, on anything scrap related, eg all things photography related, new products, any books that is worth buying, paper lines, whatever.
Inspirational photos, please share you photos of places and things

5. Tips, tricks, substitutions for any and every thing you can think about that will help us overcome the "what if" situations, eg, what if I don't have paint, how do I decorate my chipboard.

6. And of course, share you layouts and your creative process of getting it together, which is the core of the blog.

This list is not complete, it is a blueprint of what we would like to achieve going forward. The blog will be launched on June 1st so plan to start sharing. Please post some more ideas if you have any, I would appreciate whatever you can come up with. More information will follow in the next couple of weeks.

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S Rizzle said...

i am here!!! I would just love to learn more about photography styles from you two!! Anything else is a bonus.